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Lois Bright, one of the unsung greats of the Golden Era of Tap Dance, is best known for her work in the trio "Miller Bros. & Lois." Here you'll have a chance to learn her story and the fabulous dance that is now part of tap's great legacy. Lois Bright was a dancer's dancer ~ in the words of Cholly Atkins (Coles & Atkins): "[Lois had] true taps. No jive taps. She'd make 'em all! Some things that I couldn't get the guys to do, she got right away.” Celebrate the life of one of the great women of tap and learn a routine to perform as a solo, duo, or trio, and become the next Miller Bros. & Lois! The Teacher: Sarah Reich (Performer, Choreographer, Instructor) has emerged as one of the new leaders in the Art Form of Tap Dance. At the young age of 15, this Los Angeles native was featured in Dance Spirit Magazine's article, "20 Hot Tappers Under 20" and has since been sought after to perform, choreograph, and teach in over six countries including France, China, Costa Rica, Honduras, Canada, and Sweden.

Lois Bright (DVD)

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