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The "B.S. Chorus" is a classic tap dance routine known to date back to the 1930’s (perhaps even earlier!). It is a basic one chorus, 32 bar chorus, dance comprised of four steps and a repeating break. Anyone who can already do a basic Time Step and Shuffle will find this dance a pure joy.

In the years of Vaudeville, there was a common formula for constructing a tap dance, and it was called “three and a break.” Simply put, you would do one step, say a Time Step, three times and then a break. Then you would do another step three times and then your break, another step three times followed by your break, and then, at last, your big finish step. Ta da! Your routine was complete. (The Time Step was always your first step, because that would set the tempo for the local orchestra.)

So there you go. Now it’s your turn to join the legacy of tap dancers before you - learn and perform this classic tap dance routine, "The B.S. Chorus" (Boy Scout...). Enjoy and happy tapping!

Rusty Frank and "The 1930's BS Chorus" (DVD)

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