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Steve Zee is one of the top tap dancers in the USA. As a featured soloist in the internationally acclaimed Jazz Tap Ensemble he has performed throughout the U.S. including the Joyce Theater in New York and with Gregory Hines in Los Angeles. He has received a number of grants for tap choreography including one from the National Endowment for the Arts.He returns with this must-have tap video! Learn the best of the hand-getting, show-stopping, big finish steps. Don't fake it! Correct technique in wings, over-the-tops, slides, glides, trenches, pullbacks and more. Each step is presented in a complete dance phrase that you can slip into your own routine. Easy to find section headings makes it simple to fast foward to a specific step. Take your competition tap group to a new level! Wow your audience with these high-powered steps. Clearly demonstrated front and back. (VHS - 50 min)

Rhythm Tap 2 with Steve Zee (DVD)

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