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Treat Your Feet

To the beat

Quality Tap Shoes and Sean-Nós Shoes for the serious dancer
$315 + Shipping
Domestic (US & Canada ) $25
International $50

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Ready Red.jpg
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Classic White.jpg

There are 3 distinct parts to ordering custom-made dance shoes.

Be sure to complete all three pieces!

  1. PART I – Trace & measure your foot.
    You must send this to us via snail mail. It is the template for your perfect fit.
  2. PART II – Fill out the Order Form. 
    This provides us with the information we need to start the process of crafting your shoes.
  3. PART III – Add shoes to the Shopping Cart, and complete the Checkout process.
    This is how you pay for the shoes.


You will need send your hardcopy foot tracings to us by snail-mail... there is just no other way to get your original tracings! Scanning, photos, and faxing all introduce the possibility of scaling/sizing issues that alter the original tracings.

Questions? Email us at

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