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Sean-nós SHOES

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A single-sole model for percussive dancers interested in a great sounding and feeling shoe! With its lighter sole, this style shoe is excellent for step dance, Sean-nós, and flatfoot styles. The quality of materials, craft of construction, tone, responsiveness, and balance of these shoes makes them optimal for solo practice, live performance, video, and audio recording.

The Sean nós shoe is $315 plus shipping. Domestic shipping ( US & Canada ) is $25 ( $340 total ) and international shipping is an additional $25 ( $365 total ). Please be sure to select the correct item from Tap Merch section when purchasing shoes.

Outstanding Features:
  • Custom-made, custom fit, all leather tap shoes

  • Wing-tip style, available in solid or two-tone color

  • Soft, durable quality leather or suede

  • Heels are graduated stacked leather

There are 3 parts to purchasing the Sean-Nós Shoe:

  1. Fill out the Order Form and submit it - this is needed to customize your shoes to your specifications

  2. Place the Shoes in the shopping cart and check out - this is how you pay for the shoes

  3. Measure & trace your feet per the instructions and send via snail mail!

Visit the Shoe Color Choices page for color combo ideas.

See the JustTAP! Sean-nós shoe in action in this trailer from "From the Floor," a Visual Album of Irish Dance and Music.

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